Get Involved

Are you an advocate for the LGBT community and passionate about music? The Chorus offers may ways to get involved, from performing on stage to assisting with fundraising initiatives.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, QMC did not charge membership fees for the current fiscal year. All prior members were invited to engage with the choir.

Performing Members

Performing membership is open to all men and transmen who desire to sing. Current members range from trained musicians to beginners. The Chorus strives to provide a fun, supportive environment while performing music that provides an appropriate challenge to all involved. Some singers extend their service with the Chorus to include serving on the Board of Directors or a committee.

Performing Members are required to:

  • pass an audition;
  • attend rehearsals every week;
  • pay annual dues ($50 per semester, fall and semester);
  • pay for lost or damaged music or music folder; and
  • support the Chorus by assisting with fundraising, recruitment, and/or membership.

Performers are allowed to take a Leave of Absence (LOA) once per year. If they do not return after that they must audition again to join the ranks of Performing Members.

Performers rehearse weekly and we welcome newcomers to attend an open rehearsal with no audition obligation. Open rehearsals are held every Monday (August through May) from 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm at First United Church (2420 E Third St) in Bloomington. Auditions are held 6:00-7:00 pm, before our regular rehearsal time, on the first and second Monday in August and January and the first Monday in September.

An Open House where we specifically talk about chorus history, membership opportunities, and the upcoming season/concert is held each fall.  The 2021 Open House has not yet been scheduled.

Off-Stage Members

Our Performing Members would not be able to perform with a strong support team. Off-Stage Members are dues-paying members who may also serve as volunteers or Board Members. Off-stage Members are also invited to social events and rehearsals. These members are welcome to join at any point in the year. Dues are $50 per semester, fall and semester.


Only dues-paying Performing or Off-Stage Members may serve in a leadership role (Board Member, Committee Chair, or Volunteer Leadership positions) but all individuals are welcome to serve on a committee, help at events, promote awareness of the Chorus, and make sure the organization is operating smoothly.  Volunteers may commit several hours each month or a just few hours throughout the year.

Volunteer Positions for Non-Members

  • Event Volunteer – These volunteers assist during concerts and help to promote the Chorus at other community events.
  • Committee Membership – See our Leadership Page for current committees.

Volunteer Positions for Members

  • Board Members and Committee Chairs
  • Chorus Manager –
  • Concert Manager – This position handles the logistics before, during, and after concerts. More Details
  • Concert Volunteer Coordinator – This position manages the volunteers who work during concerts. More Details
  • Chorus Connection –
  • GALA Festival Coordinator – Manage the details of Quarryland’s annual fundraising event.
  • Historian – This position is responsible for maintaining records of all significant chorus developments and activities, documenting events and maintaining an archive of important documents, photographs, and recordings of all types. This position works closely with the website subcommittee of the marketing and audience development committee.
  • Librarian – This position is appointed by the artistic director and works with the director, the music committee, and others to procure music. The librarian supervises the distribution of music, maintains records of use, and organizes and maintains the inventory and storage of music.
  • Rainbow Circle Coordinator –
  • Volunteer Coordinator – This person recruits event volunteers.
  • Wardrobe Coordinator –

See our Leadership Page for the current list of vacancies or the individuals in these positions.