Committees and Appointments

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Board of Directors

  • President – Karen Garrett
  • Vice-President – Andy Kyger
  • Secretary – Brian Galm
  • Treasurer – Robert Ping-Slater
  • Past President – Robert Ping-Slater
  • AD – Casey Hayes, Ex officio (2018-)
  • AAD – Mitch Serslev, Ex officio (2007-2009, 2012-2013, 2016-)
  • Brian Galm (2015-2020)
  • Karen Garrett (2017-2020)
  • Connie Cook Glen (2015-2019)
  • Andy Kyger (2018-2021)
  • Luiz Lopes (2017-2020)
  • Eric Metzler (2006-2008, 2009-2011, 2012-2014, 2015-2020)
  • Robert Ping-Slater (2014-2019)
  • Greg Voshell (2018-2021)
  • Mick Welling (2015-2020)


Staff and Appointments

  • Artistic Director (Casey Hayes)
  • Assistant Artistic Director (Mitch Serslev)
  • Pianist (Wendy Elliott)
  • Chorus Manager (Luiz Lopes)
  • Concert Manager, duties here (Michael Grubb)
  • Concert Volunteer Coordinator, day of concert duties here (vacant)
  • Historian (Jim Johnson)
    The historian is responsible for maintaining records of all significant chorus developments and activities, documenting events and maintaining an archive of important documents, photographs, and recordings of all types. This position works closely with the website subcommittee of the marketing and audience development committee
  • Librarian(s) (Barry Magee)
    The librarian is appointed by the artistic director and works with the director, the music committee, and others to procure music. The librarian supervises the distribution of music, maintains records of use, and organizes and maintains the inventory and storage of music. The position of librarian is not compensated.
  • Chorus Connection / Musetta Coordinator (Robert Ping-Slater/Jim Johnson)
  • Volunteer Coordinator, helps find volunteers for all events (vacant)
  • Wardrobe Coordinator (Marlin Howard)

Audience Development Committee

The audience development committee, in coordination with the artistic director, the marketing committee and the recruitment committee, works to create strategies for building relationships with the chorus’ community and audience base. This may include collecting audience feedback and demographic information, developing campaigns for current and future audiences, working to identify and establish relationships with other community organizations, and encouraging additional community involvement with the chorus. In this role the committee may also create messages and content to be used in external communications.

  • Karen Garrett (Chair)
  • Doug Bauder
  • Tim Selph
  • Michael Grubb
  • Marlin Howard
  • Barry Magee
  • Eric Metzler
  • Robert Ping-Slater

Positions within committee:

  • K-12 Outreach Coordinator (Michael)
  • Small Ensemble Coordinator (Michael)
  • Survey Coordinator (Eric)

Board Development

The board development committee functions as an executive committee, whose members are the president, the president-elect/vice president, and the past president. Non-executive committee members may join the committee at the discretion of the board. This committee develops policies related to the operation of the chorus; considers personnel matters and legal issues as they arise; and recruits potential board members prior to the spring election each year.

  • Karen Garrett, Chair
  • Andy Kyger, VP/President Elect
  • Robert Ping-Slater, past president

Hiring/retention/education of staff sub-committee

Finance Committee

The finance committee constructs the annual budget, gathering input from the board and others as needed, and proposes the budget for the following season at the conclusion of the preceding season each June. The committee also considers other finance-related matters referred to it by the board and creates financial policies for board approval.

  • Robert Ping-Slater, Chair
  • Marlin Howard
  • Eric Metzler
  • Jacob Wooden

Fundraising Committee

The fundraising committee develops and carries out fundraising to support the general budget and special projects. This committee works closely with the marketing and audience development committee.

  • Connie Cook Glen, Chair
  • Karen Garrett
  • Marion Krefeldt
  • Andy Kyger
  • David Matlack
  • Eric Metzler
  • Robert Ping-Slater
  • Kathy Sidelli

Positions within committee:

  • Cabaret and Cabernet logistics (Karen Garrett)
  • Cabaret and Cabernet Silent Auction (Andy Kyger)
  • Fall Fund Drive Coordinator (Connie Cook Glen)
  • Grant Pursuit Coordinator (David)

Marketing Committee

The marketing committee develops and carries out marketing and communication activities for the chorus; utilizes social media to promote the chorus and its activities; and creates publicity for major chorus events, including concert programs. The committee chair is responsible for appointing and overseeing two subcommittees:

  • Andy Kyger (Chair)
  1. Design subcommittee
    The design subcommittee develops the visual identity of the chorus. This includes the template design of the website, posters, concert programs, logos and graphics. The committee also has oversight of the chorus web presence and is charged with the production or coordination of chorus photography and videography.

    • Rick Armstrong
    • Thomas DeCarlo
    • Gary Martin
    • Meredith McGriff
    • Robert Ping-Slater
    • Matt Purcell
    • Jonathan Rix

    Positions within committee:

    • Graphic Designer(s) (Rick, Gary, Thomas, Meredith, Jonathan)
    • Photographer(s) (Thomas, Meredith)
    • Videographer(s) (Thomas)
  2. Publicity subcommittee
    The publicity subcommittee handles the logistics of all publicity efforts. This includes ordering and coordinating the distribution of all print materials, managing social media and email communications, managing contact lists, and coordinating publicity with external organizations (community event calendars, news outlets, etc.).videography.

    • Andy Kyger (Chair)
    • Brian Galm
    • Luis Lopez
    • Jim Johnson
    • Eric Metzler
    • Robert Ping-Slater
    • Mitch Serslev

    Positions within committee:

    • Monthly Newsletter Coordinator/Creator (Robert)
    • News release Coordinator/Writer (Eric)
    • Writers/Editors (Eric, Jim)
    • Social Media Coordinator (Mitch)
    • Community Calendar Coordinator (Brian)
    • Website Coordinator (Robert)

Membership Committee

The membership committee maintains the contact lists of members (both performing and off-stage), former members, and volunteers in musetta; strives to acknowledge members’ special occasions via social media and in person; and communicates regularly with members about opportunities and initiatives undertaken by the chorus or by chorus members. The committee is responsible for disbursing yearly membership recognition buttons.  This committee works closely with the social committee, treasurer and with the recruitment committee of the chorus.

  • vacant, Chair (Robert Ping-Slater, acting Chair)
  • Luiz Lopes
  • Marlin Howard
  • Michael Moore
  • Todd Stephenson
  • Mick Welling

Positions within committee:

  • Alumni Relations Subcommittee
    • Mick, Chair
    • Michael
    • Todd
  • Member Newsletter Coordinator/Publisher (Luiz)

Music Committee

The music committee assists and advises the artistic director. The committee is composed, in accordance with the bylaws, of the artistic director and at least two other members.

  • Casey Hayes, Chair
  • Michael Grubb
  • Luis Lopez
  • Barry Magee
  • Mitch Serslev

Positions within committee:

  • Music Orderer/Organizer (librarian?)
  • Copyright Guru (Connie finding consultant)
  • Choreography Coordinator (vacant)

Recruiting Committee

The recruitment committee develops and carries out activities to recruit performing and off-stage members. The committee also:

  1. Greets potential members who attend open rehearsals or open house functions.
  2. Obtains contact information for potential and new members, transmitting that information to the membership committee and musetta coordinator.
  3. Reports relevant information to the membership committee about contacts who decide not to sing but may be interested in being off-stage members or volunteers.
  4. Manages booths and tabling events throughout the year to recruit new members.
  5. Organizes auditions (working closely the artistic director).
  • Robert Ping-Slater, Chair
  • Doug Bauder
  • Andy Kyger

Positions within committee:

  • Auditions Coordinator (Robert)
  • Open House Coordinator (Robert)

Social Committee

The social committee coordinates activities that promote social interactions among members, including performing and off-stage members, and volunteers, as appropriate. The committee:

  1. Coordinates monthly post-rehearsal singers’ get-togethers by choosing the type of event (for example, cookies at the rehearsal venue, drinks at a bar).
  2. Coordinates with the recruitment committee open house events for potential new members.
  3. Coordinates regular events for performing and off-stage members.
  4. Coordinates post-concert receptions.
  5. Ensures that all members are properly informed about the time and location for all chorus social events and what to bring (if anything).
  • Brian Galm and Charlie Maurer, Co-Chairs (1 performer, 1 off-stage member)
  • JR Johnson
  • Gary Martin

Positions within committee:

  • Hospitality Coordinator (Charlie)

Ad-hoc Committees:

  • Long-term Development/Strategic Planning Committee

    • Chad Reynolds (Chair)
    • Connie Cook Glen
    • Marlin Howard
    • Marion Krefeldt
    • Robert Ping-Slater
    • Greg Voshell
    • Mick Welling
  • GALA Committee
    QMC strives to attend the quadrennial international music festival hosted by GALA Choruses.  The GALA committee helps to make this happen and coordinates fundraising, logistics, and acts as the go-between to/from GALA choruses and QMC.

    • Eric Metzler (Chair)
    • Matt Purcell

Non-discrimination Policy

No one is denied membership to the Chorus – including representation on the Board of Directors or on any committee – based on race, ethnicity, creed, gender, marital status, national origin, or sexual orientation.